Study: 32% of Netflix Customers Plan to Cut Their Cable Costs

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Apparently, cord-cutting may be real after all, according to a new study released by The Diffusion Group.

Despite countless real-world examples showing that television doesn’t seem to be negatively affected by online VoD services, Diffusion’s new study apparently finds 32% of Netflix users plan to cut down on – or cut out entirely – their cable plans as a result of the availability of streaming content, up from 16% last year.

Diffusion even feels that it can explain away the discrepancy between its findings and evidence to the contrary by saying that cutting back on cable packages isn’t cord-cutting, exactly, but cord-shaving, and therefore wouldn’t be reflected in subscription figures by cable companies.

Off-the-record, some cable execs will admit to customers switching to cheaper, less expansive packages, so perhaps this is the future of television: Smaller, reliant on DVD aftersales, but never quite going away entirely.

Well, until someone works out how to make Hulu work properly and with all of the broadcast networks’ shows appearing on a timely basis, of course.

(via All Things D)

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