Dating Site Dumps 30,000 People for Being Ugly, Gets Hit by Virus

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It’s difficult being one of the beautiful people; not only do you have to deal with those less attractive than you in real life, apparently people get upset when you ban them from your beauty-exclusive dating sites for not being attractive enough, too. Life can be so unfair.

The problem for started when the dating site, which allows new members only when they have been voted as beautiful enough to join by the existing clientele, was attacked by a computer virus that eventually came to be called “Shrek.”

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The virus worked by approving 30,000 new members to the site who hadn’t been attractive enough to get approval the traditional way (who also happen to be 30,000 new members about to be booted off the site as a result of the virus being identified).

According to managing director, Greg Hodge, “We got suspicious when tens of thousands of new members were accepted over a six-week period, many of whom were no oil painting.”

The site isn’t being entirely callous in its dismissal of the 30,000 non-beautiful members, just partially callous. Yes, they’re still being shut out of the site for not meeting subjective ideals of attractiveness decided upon by strangers with their own issues (Let’s be honest; if you’re joining a dating site called “Beautiful People” that requires that you be rated attractive enough in order to belong, chances are, you probably have some hang-ups about needing approval somewhere inside your head), but at least they’re also getting a helpline staffed with counselors to help them through the trauma.

Hodge isn’t entirely insensitive to the non-beautifuls’ plight: “”I sent them all a very carefully worded email, trying to be as sensitive as possible,” he said. “But naturally many of them are finding it a bit of a sting to have been rated beautiful by their peers only to lose the accolade overnight.”

The total cost of the mass rejections is expected to be somewhere around $100,000. Not to mention, of course, a few broken hearts and crushed spirits along the way, as well.

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