Twitter Turns Off Verified Accounts’ Right to DM Privacy?

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Ever wanted to tell Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber just how much you love them, but lacked the ability to do so in private? Well, a new move by Twitter that could be described as “almost as head-scratchingly bizarre as sending you emails everytime someone mentions you” will change that – until the celebrities of the world demand it changes back, of course.

Twitter has apparently dropped the mutual follow requirement for sending Direct Messages to “Verified” accounts on the micro-blogging service. The move has not been officially announced, but was discovered by users on Sunday; now, it appears that all you need to do to be able to send celebrities and popular brands private messages is follow their particular account.

This decision will almost definitely prove to be controversial, bombarding accounts with all manner of unwanted messages requiring clean-up and monitoring. Even though there is an option to reset the feature to the traditional dual-follow DM system, I’ll be very surprised if this option doesn’t quickly disappear as quietly as it debuted. Until then: Why not take the opportunity to tell some celebrities just how much they mean to you? Who knows, they may even see the message.

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