New E-Book Reader First to Integrate Google Bookstore

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Google is getting deeper into the e-book market by partnering with device manufacturer iRiver on the upcoming “Story HD” e-book reader.

It’ll go on sale this Sunday at Target for $140 and it features a built-in Wi-Fi connection with content available for purchase through the Google eBookstore that was launched late last year.

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The Story HD e-book reader looks similar to Amazon’s Kindle, with a full QWERTY keyboard and a six-inch screen. Unlike other e-book readers on the market, though, the Story HD has a higher-resolution screen—1024 vertical pixels by 768 horizontal pixels, versus the 800×600 resolution found in most other 6-inch e-book readers.

Story HD_01

Google Books are already compatible with plenty of e-book readers, but the Story HD will be the first to use Google’s bookstore as the primary means of getting content onto the device.

As for pricing, the Story HD falls squarely in line with Barnes & Noble’s Wi-Fi Nook—which doesn’t sport a keyboard but features a touchscreen, and Amazon’s Wi-Fi Kindle. It’ll go on sale this Sunday, the 17th, at Target.

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