Amazon Sure Is Selling a Lot of Weird Stuff in the U.K.

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Its U.K. website, for instance, sells something called a “Military Police Telescopic Tonfa” that looks an awful lot like a night stick and—wouldn’t you know it—is at the top of the “Movers and Shakers in Sports & Leisure” with a whopping 41,341% sales increase over the past 24 hours (as of 5pm Eastern).

Curiously, the link to the product isn’t working any more, which may mean Amazon has sold out of the product or someone there figured, “Hey. There’s nothing all that sporty or leisurely about this thing.”

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Second place? A baseball bat—with a big 36,856% increase as of 5pm Eastern. And then another bat. And then a tent! The tent is made by “Highlander,” as in, “Let’s head for higher ground and maybe camp for a few days. Why? No reason. Don’t you like camping?”

Then a bat, then another bat, then another bat, then another bat—the last three bats I mentioned are wooden—then a baseball, then a bat and baseball combo. Now we seem to actually be getting into some sort of sport-like activities.

Another bat. Then a pen? Not just any pen: “It’s the biggest, baddest, permanent marker around!” says the product description. That’s what you want in your writing utensils, after all.

Then a bat. Then something called a “kubotan” which sounds spicy, followed by another bat.

And those are the 15 “biggest gainers in Sports & Leisure sales rank over the past 24 hours” on Amazon’s U.K. website in case you were wondering.

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