Spec Ops Survival Mode Gets Detailed in New ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Trailer

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A few weeks back, I talked about my hands-on experience with the new Survival Mode in the Spec Ops multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Activision’s finally released a video showing off some of the features that I got to see and implement.

You’ll see the upgrade system interface in action in the clip as well as a few different enemy types including those explosives-bearing attack dogs. The trailer also gives a sense of how much equipment and ammo will cost, though those prices may not yet be final.

Calling in a Riot Shield Squad (seen in the menus at 00:59) might be just the ticket, with some movable cover when trying to get back to an equipment or weapons terminal. As for what else you’ll buy within Survival’s economy-driven scheme, you’ll see how the airstrike, Delta Squad and the Predator drone killstreaks look in action, too. That smoke that tags targets for a bombing run will be a welcome sight, even if it is purple. Remember how I said those big, scary Juggernauts don’t go down easy? Watch one soak up a crapload of bullets, starting at about 1:37 in the trailer. And that remote-controlled mine thingy at the end there? That thing just looks nasty.

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