New Springpad Feature Corrals ‘Friends Stuff’ from Facebook

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I’m a man of swift, decisive action, with nary a moment to comb through Facebook to round up all the movies, books, music, places, recipes, products, TV shows, bookmarks and fine wines that my friends are bullish on—excuse me, upon which my friends are bullish.

That’s no longer a problem now that Springpad, the self-described “app that helps you remember,” has added a new “Friends Stuff” feature.

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If you have a Springpad account already, you’ll need to connect it to your Facebook account (Home > Settings > Account Details > Linked Accounts) and once everything’s all set up, the stuff your Facebook friends like will start trickling into the new Friends Stuff section—nicely filed into the aforementioned categories (movies, books, music, and so forth).

It’s a quick and easy way to take a look at what your friends are into without having to navigate the funhouse-meets-corn-maze-meets-Ikea-store that Facebook turns out to be when you’re actually trying to find something.

Check out the above video for more info on the “Friends Stuff” feature.

VIDEO: Check out the Springpad iPhone app