WikiLeaks Releases 250,000+ Searchable Embassy Cables

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“Given that the full database file is downloadable from hundreds of sites there is only one internally rational action.”

That’s one of the updates from WikiLeaks’ Twitter account this week, alluding to the organization’s recent spat with U.K. newspaper the Guardian, which published a WikiLeaks-related book back in February that contained a password used to decrypt unvetted and unredacted diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks and shared with certain news organizations.

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WikiLeaks has now published over 250,000 U.S. Embassy cables in a searchable format to the website “” and—as of around 8am Eastern this morning—continues to release cables in chunks, by region via its Twitter account.

The organization had taken a vote online, asking whether or not it should officially release all the “Cablegate” cables it claimed had been “compromised as a result of the recklessness of the Guardian.” The Guardian responded by saying it “utterly rejects any suggestion that it is responsible for the release of the unedited cables” and urged WikiLeaks “not to carry through its plan to release the unredacted state department cables.”

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