Call of Duty XP 2011: Watch the ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Multiplayer Trailer

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Multiplayer. It’s the reason that the vast majority of players show up for a Call of Duty game. And when that vast majority numbers in the millions, you better believe that it’s a big deal. That’s why Activision’s held all details about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer as closely guarded secrets until this weekend, when their first Call Of Duty XP convention assembles fans from all over in southern California to frag their hearts out.

The trailer unfolds as almost a sort of recurring grudge match, where you watch one character roam through a map causing havoc and ending lives, only to have the same sniper take him out time and again. Throughout the sequence, you see hints of the changes to come to Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer. There seems to be some sort of dog-tag collection, new air strike types that can be called in and new field equipment, too. All right, you eagle-eyed COD fanatics, what do you see in that trailer? What do you want Activision to put into MW3 multiplayer to make it a more fun for you?

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