More Netflix Woes: Now There’s a Lawsuit over Its New HQ Plans

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It’s beginning to look as if Netflix might have pissed off some sort of wizard who cursed the company as a result. The announced split and price rise resulted in an estimated 1,000,000 subscriber drop and an even more worrying stock price freefall. Then there’s Qwikster, the mail-order-DVD business’ new identity that’s come with its own outrage and embarrassment. And now it turns out that the company is also facing legal action over plans to expand its headquarters.

A group called Los Gatos Citizens for Responsible Development last week filed a lawsuit against the proposed construction of a new headquarters for the troubled company, reports, complaining about not only the scale of the buildings, but also the disruption the construction would cause to the surrounding community.

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According to Rachel Mansfield-Howlett, the attorney representing the group, “there’s abundant evidence that there may be [environmental] impacts and we’re confident the court will require an environmental impact report.” For its part, town officials have said that they will “analyze the lawsuit’s merits and impacts, if any” before making recommendations to the town council—a council which had already approved the plan after two public hearings.

The Citizens for Responsible Development say that they are not trying to prevent construction, they’re just trying to ensure a suitable level of review and oversight before it goes ahead. But given Netflix’s recent luck, this may push the company’s plans into reverse nonetheless.

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