Netflix Signs Two-Year Deal for Discovery Shows

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Forget the loss of Starz for a couple of seconds. I know it hurts, but at least consider that Netflix has signed the Discovery network on for at least two years of streaming content before you drop your subscription.

The deal is sure to thrill brainy factoid lovers everywhere, with the inclusion of popular TV shows like Man vs. Wild, River Monsters and Deadliest Catch. The deal includes several channels: Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, ID: Investigation Discovery and the Science and Military channels. Oprah’s network was not included—so much for that Dr. Phil fix.

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Previous seasons of television shows will only be available through Netflix, so don’t count on the service to keep you up to date with current episodes. Netflix will also be adding a Discovery-specific search function to make it easier to view all of Discovery’s available programming.

It’s finally some good news for the video streaming service, after it lost Starz, raised prices substantially and renamed its DVD service to Qwikster. With the wave of backlash that Netflix has faced, it’s a safe bet that it’ll have to add premium content if it wants to please its remaining subscribers.

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Maybe Bear Grylls can show Netflix what it’s like to make a survival band-aid out of yak fur, tree bark and goat testicles after being viciously attacked by large throbs of complaining customers.

[via Reuters]

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