Bloomberg Announces $199 Amazon ‘Kindle Fire’ Tablet Before Amazon Does

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It seems Bloomberg jumped Amazon’s gun this morning, unveiling the online e-tailer’s $199 “Kindle Fire” tablet before Amazon had a chance to get the word out at its press event this morning.

Bloomberg confirmed speculation that Amazon will launch a 7-inch tablet running Google’s Android operating system. The news service notes the Fire lacks an inbuilt camera and microphone, and has Wi-Fi but not 3G, making it kind-of-but-not-exactly competitive with Apple’s iPad. The Fire will reportedly include a 30-day free trial of Amazon’s $79 a year “Prime” subscription service, which includes unlimited instant streaming of movies and TV shows as well as free two-day shipping.

The rest of Bloomberg’s story’s essentially a rehash of old news mixed with investor speculation, so stand by, the real meat and potatoes of Amazon’s tablet reveal this morning—it’s philosophical purpose in Amazon’s grand design—remains to be seen as the conference (and the rest of today) unfolds.

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