Tila, Quarterlife and $#*!: Why Social Media and Old Media Don’t Mix

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It’s possible that some of you remember the extremely-shortlived NBC series Quarterlife, created by the same people behind thirtysomething, but it’s far, far less likely that you remember that said series actually came with its own social network.

Yes, that surprised, confused expression on your face is exactly what I was expecting.


Quarterlife was created as a series of web shorts that would debut online on YouTube, MySpace and its own Quarterlife site—memorably described as “a destination and social networking location for what it calls ‘artists, thinkers and doers'”—before being re-edited into hourlong episodes for broadcast on network television. Canceled by NBC after its first episode delivered the worst ratings for 10pm on the network in 17 years, the remaining episodes were eventually broadcast on Bravo in between re-runs of Queer Eye for The Straight Guy and Top Chef.

Despite claims of online success, the series only lasted one season, and the whole social networking aspect never even hit Friendster levels.

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