TechFast: SOPA Backlash, Google’s Music Store, Tablet Wars

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Good morning and happy Thursday. Here’s what’s going on in tech so far…


Hearings held yesterday by the House Judiciary Committee about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) are being criticized for taking statements from several big players in the content industry, but only hearing counterpoint arguments from Google.

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Google Launches Music Store

In case you missed it last night, Google is now selling music from its Android Market. Key features include exclusive content from the likes of the Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam, as well as the ability to share purchased tracks with friends that they can listen to once for free.

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Tough Times in Tablet Town?

Some hardware manufacturers may begin bowing out of the tablet game next year. Why? Pesky players like Barnes & Noble and Amazon are flooding the market with inexpensive-but-decent hardware and making up for it with content sales.

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T-Mobile Embiggens Its 4G Network

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, which it brands as 4G, has expanded to nine additional markets and doubled its speed in 11 markets.

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