Instagram Says It’s Working On Android App

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As an Android user, I’m generally pleased with the selection of apps available on Android Market, which just hit its 10 billionth download recently. Yet I can’t help but look on with envy as iPhone users flaunt the one app I can’t get my hands on: Instagram.

Luckily, that’s set to change… eventually. According to CNET, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom told a crowd at the LeWeb conference in Paris, “We have two people working on Android now.”

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Two people! I guess that’s better than no people. Sadly, Systrom couldn’t elaborate on when the Android version of Instagram would be ready. Maybe the fact that Instagram already has 50 million iOS users explains his company’s blasé attitude towards developing an app for the Android OS.

Still, you’d think the fact that Android owns 43% of the U.S. market would entice Instagram to commit more resources to the cause. Doesn’t Systrom know that Android users need to make their bland, poorly lit photos look cool too?

Until the undetermined release date of Instagram for Android, you’re going to have to make do with the imitators available in the Android Market, including Pixlr-o-matic and picplz. Here’s hoping those two employees are working very, very hard right now.

[via CNET]

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