Our Favorite Things: Last-Minute Gift Ideas (Day Five)

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Etre Touchy Gloves ($54.80)

The cold, biting winds of winter aren’t exactly conducive to the texting, touch-screen culture of today. I know I’ve struggled fiddling with my phone when it’s 20 degrees out and I’m wearing thick, wool gloves that wouldn’t know Gorilla Glass from broken asphalt. Fingerless gloves solve that problem but leave my hands numb as popsicles. The elegant solution just might be these stylish wool gloves from London-based Etre, which allow for thumb- and index finger-free texting, no matter the weather.

Louis CK Live at the Beacon Theater ($5)

Why should you download “Louis CK Live at the Beacon Theater?” Well, for one thing, he’s one of the funniest stand-up comics alive. Also, instead of going to HBO for his latest special, he simply made it available on his website for download with no copyright or digital rights management (DRM) protections, braving the BitTorrent threat to let his fans freely use the content as they please. Download and burn it for your friend and, voila, you’ve got one of the best $5 gifts you could give a comedy fan.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ($59.99)

Just buy it already. Do you know what I did yesterday? I killed a dragon with a sword that sets everything it touches on fire. Who wouldn’t want that as a gift? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers endless, open gameplay in a beautifully-rendered fantasy world with tons of cool weapons and spells. And, oh yes, giant, fire-breathing dragons to slay. Don’t, however, buy it for anybody you want to see in the next few months, as you’ll probably have to pry them from their PC, Xbox or PS3 with a crowbar.

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