Highlights from Day One of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

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The Hilton welcoming me to the internet

The gargantuan 2012 Consumer Electronics Show officially opens on Tuesday, but there’s a slew of press-only hoopla already underway. We’ll have a bunch of CES-related content this week, so these daily highlights posts will serve to corral it all in once place as well as pull in noteworthy news from elsewhere that we may have missed.

I’m also wearing a pedometer – the Fitbit Ultra to be precise – and I’ll be uploading how far I’ve walked at the end of each day. There’s a lot of walking. Oh, and I kid you not, the above image is what popped up when I went to get online in my hotel room: a message from the Hilton welcoming me to the internet.

Here’s what’s been going on:

And here are the walking stats for Sunday – this was basically a half-day, mind you, since the 1:30 Acer press conference was the first thing scheduled:

Scheduled for Monday: news from Intel, Sony, Microsoft and more.

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