Warner Bros. Prepares to Launch ‘Out My Window’ Photo-Sharing Social Network

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outmywindow.com / Warner Bros.

Move over, Flickr, Instagram and whichever other sites you use to upload your pictures to the Internet — rumor has it that a brand new online photo sharing service is very close to launch, and it’ll allow users to do more than just upload and tag whatever images they’re interested in.

Fusible noticed the appearance of a new site called Out My Window, which promises — in amusingly staccato sentences — “A perfect picture. The urge to share it. From my view to your view. From my phone to your TV. With Out My Window, our photographs will always weave the stories of our lives together.” The site is apparently the work of Warner Bros. Entertainment, which has registered numerous trademarks for “Out My Window” and connected titles, with the trademark filings connected to peer-to-peer photo and video sharing services, social networking services, digital imaging software and the “temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software and applications.”

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The Next Web website also dug around in the site’s Terms of Service to discover the following explanation of what to expect from Out My Window:

The Application allows you to set up a profile so you can provide and share your photographs, their location, ratings, favorites, albums and more, connect your profile with friends, and make purchases.

Also promised in the service terms is integration with both Facebook and Google. The site is still in “coming soon” mode, but the terms of service are dated from today, which suggests an imminent announcement. Stay tuned.

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