Simpsons Arcade Game Finally Released for Consoles After 21 Years

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It’s been a long time since you could pump quarters into The Simpsons Arcade Game, gleefully mashing buttons with a can of Mountain Dew by your side. Well, prepare to seriously embiggen your gaming library because the Simpsons are coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Today, Konami’s classic game hits Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network for download. There have been many Simpsons-branded video games over the years, from Krusty’s Fun House to the oddly fun Simpsons: Hit & Run, but this is the only one most people remember.

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There really isn’t much to it. You choose either Homer, Marge, Lisa or Bart and then rampage around Springfield hitting wave after wave of hired goons over the course of eight levels. The story has something to do with Smithers kidnapping Maggie for Mr. Burns but, as with almost every game of its time, the story really isn’t that important.

Is it the most challenging or interesting game? Meh. But it’s a fun trip down memory lane to an era when: a) The Simpsons was still considered edgy and subversive, and b) a true test of skill was how quickly you could repeatedly hit a big red button without injuring your finger.

The new version includes some fun extras like four-player online cooperative play and access to the Japanese version of the game. There are three modes of play: one with unlimited lives, one with a single life and “Quarters” mode where you have 10 virtual quarters to get through the whole game. If you’re not a Simpsons fan, there’s really no reason to download this game. If you are, however, I say to you “Up and at them!”

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