Twitter Eclipses 12,000 Tweets Per Second During Super Bowl

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Your tweet near the end of Super Bowl XLVI may have very well been lost amid a sea of other tweets, as Twitter has revealed that 12,233 tweets per second churned through its system “at the end of the game” last night.

The second greatest influx of Super Bowl-related tweets apparently came during Madonna’s half time performance, with 10,245 tweets per second.

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Both figures are a far cry from the tweets-per-second record reportedly set on December 13, 2011 during a Japanese TV screening of a movie called Castle in the Sky, which garnered just north of 25,000 tweets per second.

Both instances of the massive Super Bowl tweets beat out Beyonce’s baby bump at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, though, which apparently resulted in 8,868 tweets per second and held the record until Castle in the Sky came along.

China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo microblogging service lays claim to the most messages sent per second with 32,312 — reportedly sent during Chinese New Year a little while back.

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