New Angry Birds Announcement from the International Space Station

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Earlier, Rovio released a few hints of what to expect from Angry Birds Space. We knew that it would take place in… well, space, and that it would include some new birds and new physics.

Today, the company revealed some enticing gameplay footage not from its headquarters in Finland, but from the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Don Petitt gave a fun demo involving a slingshot, a toy Angry Bird and a balloon with a pig face drawn on it.

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While the Physics 101 lesson was entertaining, gamers will probably be more interested in the actual gameplay. It looks like utilizing the gravity of planets to swing around obstacles will be a big part of the game. Also featured were a couple of the six brand-new birds, including one that can change directions on a dime and another that freezes objects over.

Rovio says that there will be 60 levels total, with new levels available in free regular updates and bonus levels hidden throughout the game. People playing on iOS will also be able to purchase in-app extras.

We haven’t actually gotten our hands on the game, but so far it seems like Rovio is making enough changes to keep the franchise interesting. The last big release, Angry Birds Rio, felt like a rehash of the original release — not that Angry Birds fans minded, seeing as 10 million of them downloaded it in the first 10 days of its release.

Angry Birds Space should see even higher numbers, which is why Rovio is also going to bombard you with Angry Birds-branded retail and media the day the game is released. You can download it on March 22 for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

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