Apple’s Next iPad Launches: Did You Get One?

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Toby Melville / Reuters

Customers wait to purchase Apple iPad tablet computers in Covent Garden in central London March 16, 2012.

Today’s the big day, the one where lines of people queue outside Apple Stores to get their hands on the Next Big Thing, which in this case happens to be Apple’s third-gen iPad. “The new iPad,” as it’s called by Cupertino, doubles the screen resolution, bumps the rear camera from 1-megapixel to 5 and the processor from dual-core to quad-core, and adds 4G LTE high-speed data support as an option.

The new iPad goes on sale today in 10 countries worldwide, including the U.S., and it’ll launch in another 25 a week from now. In the U.S., you can get in at the bottom end of the spectrum for $499 (16GB, no 4G), or spend like a drunken sailor and drop upwards of $800 for the fully-loaded 64GB, 4G version.

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Reports around the web from news sites indicate the new iPad’s selling as briskly as expected (well, and that picture up top gives you a sense for what the lines in the big cities are like). USA Today reports that crowds are “storming” stores for the thing, though the rest of the story — like all the others — is mostly filled with on-the-spot interviews of customers standing in line.

But okay, what you really want to know is…did Woz get one? Am I right?


How about you? Did you pick one up? What do you think? Let us know below!

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