Fitbit Aria Body Scale Uploads Your Weight to the Web

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If you’re going to spend $130 on a fancy scale, it might as well connect to the Internet, right? Right. That’s just what the Fitbit Aria — announced in January and now available — does.

Once connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, the scale will upload your weight, BMI and body fat percentage to your account so you can keep track of your progress privately. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation, you can share your results with friends and family members or — for the truly motivated — via Facebook and Twitter.

The Aria plays nicely with the $100 Fitbit Ultra pedometer, combining your weight loss and physical activity into one place and allowing you to set goals for yourself and earn badges when you hit various milestones. There’s a free iPhone app that lets you track your progress as well.

Up to eight people can synchronize their weigh-ins with their individual, private Fitbit accounts; the company says the scale can determine which user is which by comparing previous weight readings to new weight readings, though you can select accounts manually if it guesses wrong.

The Aria isn’t the first scale to connect via Wi-Fi — the Wiithings Wi-Fi Body Scale claims that honor and sports similar features as the Aria, though there’s no accompanying pedometer. The Aria also costs less: $130 with free shipping versus $159 + 9 shipping from Wiithings.

The Fitbit Aria is available for pre-order now in white or black and is expected to start shipping in two to four weeks. You’ll also be able to pick one up at Best Buy or Brookstone.