10 Quick Tech Links: Facebook IPO, Ultrabooks, $15 Windows 8 Upgrades and More

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Here’s a handful of interesting tech stories from around the web for Tuesday, May 15.

After Facebook IPO, Zuckerberg’s hardest test awaits [CNET]

When Facebook goes public later this week — potentially commanding a lofty valuation of more than $100 billion out of the gate — the demands on the 28-year-old Mark Zuckerberg will far outweigh any sartorial silliness about what he should or should not wear.

Windows 8 Pro PC Upgrade Cost is Just $15 [SuperSite for Windows]

A coming Microsoft promotion will provide Windows 8 Pro to buyers of Windows 7-based PCs for just $14.99, according to my sources. The promotion begins June 2, and was first reported by my Windows Weekly cohost Mary Jo Foley.

Lenovo announces ThinkPad X1 Carbon, calls it the world’s lightest 14-inch ultrabook (hands-on) [The Verge]

Lenovo unveiled a blitz of refreshed ThinkPad laptops today, each sporting a redesigned keyboard and Intel Ivy Bridge chips, but it had one surprise in store: the ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

The best of Twitter in your inbox [Twitter Blog]

Starting today, you can discover the best of Twitter in a weekly email digest delivered to your inbox. This summary features the most relevant Tweets and stories shared by the people you’re connected to on Twitter.

AMD Undercutting Intel’s Ultrabook on Price With Trinity Chips [PCWorld]

Advanced Micro Devices hopes to provide thin-and-light laptops that are less expensive but equally speedy to Intel’s ultrabooks with its new A-series chips, which the company officially announced on Tuesday.

Groupon the sitcom… what? [CNET]

Hold the canned laughter, it’s true — Groupon is the focus of a new sitcom. CBS has just ordered the sitcom for next season, and it’s about two friends who moved to Los Angeles to work at Groupon, according to Vanity Fair.

11 Ways You’re Annoying On Twitter [BuzzFeed]

You should never do these things. Never ever ever.

Computer Interface Monitors Your Overworked Brain and Takes Over Tasks For You [Popular Science]

The system, called Brainput, is designed to detect when a person’s workload becomes excessive and to modify said workload to make it easier. Erin Treacy Solovey, a postdoc at MIT, uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy to monitor brain activity and aid this brain-computer interaction.

Follow an email’s journey with Story of Send [Google Blog]

How does an email travel from your computer to your friend’s smartphone across the country or around the world? We’re answering those questions with Story of Send, a new site that gives you a behind-the-scenes look into how all that virtual information makes its journey through the real world—from your Internet service provider to our data centers and beyond.

Does Yahoo even know how to be a modern media company? [GigaOM]

Now that Yahoo has managed to make its way through yet another CEO shuffle — its sixth in just five years — the former portal has to get back to the main task at hand: namely, figuring out what its future looks like.

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