Last Chance for Your Apple WWDC Predictions

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Harry McCracken /

Driving by San Francisco's Moscone Center last night, I took this photo using my iPhone through my dirty windshield

Forty-eight hours from now, Apple’s WWDC keynote will be nearly over. I’ll be there in person at the Moscone Center, and I hope you’ll join me by attending our liveblog coverage, where I’ll report the news as fast as I possibly can. We’ll start at 1pm ET (10am PT) on Monday, June 11 at, and you can go there right now to sign up for a handy e-mail reminder.

Meanwhile, time is running out to make predictions–informed or otherwise– about what Apple will announce. Oftentimes in the waning hours before an Apple event, I launch a survey that lets you make collective prognostications. I’m not doing that this time, because there’s so much stuff that will definitely be unveiled, will likely be discussed or at least is the subject of scuttlebutt:

There’s no way I can construct a coherent survey that covers every possible product and every conceivable feature. So let’s just discuss this in the comments on this post.

What do you expect Apple to announce on Monday? What would you like to see it introduce? What do you think it definitely won’t reveal?

Me, I’m as excited by iOS 6 as I am by anything else that Apple might have in store. So if all we get are details about a meaty and imaginative iOS update, I’ll be happy. But surprises, of course, would be welcome. Think that there’s any chance that anything truly startling will be on the agenda?