GetGoing Adds Flight Finder Feature

A clever travel site adds a new feature for people who want to explore multiple destination possibilities.

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Harry McCracken /

Last month, I wrote about GetGoing, a new travel site with a unique proposition: It sells deeply discounted plane tickets to people who are willing to select two destinations they’d like to visit. After a shopper has committed to make a purchase, the site chooses one of the two options at random, thereby helping cheapskate consumers save money and airlines fill seats.

Lots of people, of course, aren’t quite bargain-hungry enough to agree to buy a plane ticket before they know where they’re going. And now GetGoing has added something for them — a general-purpose flight finder it calls … well, Flight Finder.

In general look, feel and functionality, it’s not a radical departure from big-time sites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. But as with GetGoing’s original Pick Two, Get One feature, FlightFinder is designed to appeal to folks who are open-minded about where they might go. As you’d expect, you can search for a particular destination on particular dates. But the feature also lets you search for groups of destinations, such as Florida Beaches, Skiing Exotic Destinations and Family Friendly Travel. The results then include multiple destinations in one grid, letting you compare options before you make a decision.

In a similar manner, if you search for a particular destination, GetGoing may suggest that you also take a look at nearby ones which might have lower fares. A search for Paris, for instance, might prompt it to recommend that you take a look at Brussels and Luxembourg.

Unlike Pick Two, Get One, the FlightFinder feature offers flights from all airlines, not just GetGoing’s partners. The company says that prices are the same as you’d find elsewhere; it’s not about beating other fares so much as discovering ones you might never have considered otherwise. For now, the site deals only in flights, but hotels are in the works and the whole experience is modern and nicely designed. I’m going to add it to the list of sites I’ll visit when I’m flight-shopping, along with my current favorites, Hipmunk and Kayak.