Windows Blue Preview Coming Next Month

We've heard a lot about Microsoft's next move for Windows -- we'll find out a lot more when a preview version launches next month.

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REUTERS / Lucas Jackson

We’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s next move for Windows, including a possible return of the Start button and the addition of more core functions to the operating system’s modern side.

Now, Microsoft is promising to reveal a lot more next month, when it’ll release a preview of the software, codenamed Windows Blue. In a blog post, Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green says the preview will arrive in late June, timed with the company’s Build conference:

We know people choose Windows because it’s important to their lives and their businesses. They trust and rely on Windows for serious productivity and more and more serious fun. We are proud to keep evolving Windows in way that brings forward over 25 years of computing and create the platform for tomorrow. As with every radical change, learning is a process. We are getting smarter every day about how to help people learn and make the most of their devices. From work in Windows, to online content, as well materials and demos at retail we are constantly improving and moving forward.

Ed Bott observes that the letter has an “almost apologetic tone.” It also hints that Microsoft wants to beef up the modern side of Windows 8 while making changes that are more accommodating to desktop users. All the whispers we’ve heard about Blue so far strengthen that notion. It won’t be long until we know for sure.