For Sale on eBay: A Golf Cart Converted to the Batman Tumbler

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I was saving up for a black-market liver, but $17,500 seems like it’d be much better spent on this Batman Tumbler made from a run-of-the-mill golf cart.

Aside from being one of the most incredible vehicles in the history of civilization (see also: this flying car, this other Batmobile and this hovercraft golf cart), this Tumbler brings with it a wee bit o’ history. From the product description:

This is a unique opportunity to buy a “one of a kind”, custom made Batman Tumbler Golf Cart. Which was actually driven on the Warner Brothers lot with photos next to the real one!

I’ll be honest: I was kind of hoping to hear about how it performs on an actual golf course, but it sounds like it’s never been used on a golf course. (“It has been used 1/4 the time on a studio lots, but the rest of the time kept indoors on display,” says the description.)

The namby-pamby golf cart motor has been replaced with a go kart motor capable of reaching almost 40 miles per hour, there’s an iPad holder and a horn that’s apparently pretty loud. See? Perfect for the golf course.

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