Xbox One Tops Two Million Units Sold in First 18 Days

The Xbox One almost matches the PlayStation 4's worldwide total a week after Sony's announcement.

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Microsoft’s reporting it’s sold-through over two million Xbox One systems worldwide, a figure that if you don’t have a calculator handy (or the urge to divide two million by 18), the company says equals over 111,111 units sold a day. By comparison, Sony announced back on December 3 that its PlayStation 4 — which launched a week earlier than the Xbox One — had sold over 2.1 million units worldwide.

In the “See, we’re watching everything you do!” column, the company says Xbox One owners have spent over 83 million hours playing games, watching TV and using apps. And while the following figures are presently meaningless beyond the Xbox One-verse, Microsoft adds that players have unlocked over 39 million Xbox One achievements, for a total of 595 million Gamerscore points.

Microsoft says its new console is “sold out at most major retailers,” though it’s impossible to know how accurate that statement is unless you’re one of said retailers, especially given the deluge of emails I receive almost daily from some of those retailers claiming both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are in stock. I can say every relevant store I’ve visited in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the past week has had neither system on shelves (or, for that matter, Nintendo’s Wii U, though I spied a handful of 2DS’s at the local Target a few nights ago).

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