Ben Bajarin

Ben Bajarin is the Director of Consumer Technology at Creative Strategies, Inc - A market intelligence and research firm. He focuses his analysis and research on all things consumer technology. He is a husband, father, gadget enthusiast, early adopter and hobby farmer.

Articles from Contributor

The Tablet Story Is Getting Stronger

2012 has been an interesting year for tablets. We’ve seen forecasts changed and adjusted to demonstrate increasing and rapid market demand. We’ve engaged in the debate both publicly and privately about whether tablets are PCs or …

The Future of Smart Health

If you follow my column here at Techland, you will know that I write quite a bit about smart devices. The road map of the technology industry is one where very powerful semiconductors and sensors are being embedded into many …

The Mobile Web: Dead or On Hiatus?

Remember the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)? Before smartphones, it seemed as though everyone was building mobile versions of their websites in WAP form. This even happened again for a short while with smartphones until app …

How the Software Industry Is Being Reborn

It seems like you can’t go anywhere in Silicon Valley without hearing about someone who’s making an app. Apps are all the rage these days and software engineering is one of the hottest jobs all over the world. But in the not too …

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