Douglas Wolk

My many obsessions include vegetarian cooking, the philosophy of aesthetics, James Brown, post-punk, intentional communities, ukulele tablature, fake Beatles and really long novels. Mostly, though, I'm obsessed with comic books, and I cover them for Techland.

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Emanata: The Funniest Comics Ever

In honor of April Fool’s Day, here’s a sampling of seven of the funniest comics out there. They may not (or may) be the deepest or most beautiful in other ways–they’re just the ones that have made me laugh hardest.

Mister O. The great and unbelievably prolific French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim has written and/or drawn something on …

The Comic Book Club: Jimmy Olsen and Butcher Baker

This is what happens when Techland goes to the comic book store: we end up discussing what we picked up. This week, Evan Narcisse, Douglas Wolk, Matt Peckham and Graeme McMillan talk about the Jimmy Olsen one-shot and the first issue of Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker.

EVAN: The first chapter of the story collected in this week’s …

The Three Songs You Need to Download This Week

There’s a lot of great music online–more than most people have time to keep up with. That’s why you’ve got us. Every week, we’ll point you toward three notably excellent new downloads or videos from chart-topping stars, cult favorites and unknown geniuses.

1. You may have encountered the Israeli musician Kutiman’s brilliant Thru-You

Review: Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP

The unexpected game success of the week is a five-dollar app called Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. When it was released last Thursday for the iPad, only hardcore gaming heads had heard of it (or its Toronto-based studio, Capybara Games). Now, basically on the strength of word of mouth, it’s already hit third place on the paid iPad …

Emanata: Lois Lane, Hidden Reporter

The most talked-about preview of a comic book this week has been for something that wasn’t actually intended to be a comic book and will never be published. A couple of years ago, Dean Trippe came up with an idea for a series of young adult novels: Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, about 11-year-old Lois’s adventures in investigative journalism. …

App Review: GarageBand for iPad

One of Apple’s selling points for the iPad 2 was the introduction of a five-dollar app version of their music-creation-and-editing software GarageBand. The short version: It’s not the Perfect Instrument; it’s not as powerful as the full-featured desktop version of GarageBand. It’s a toy, and it’s not worth buying an iPad solely to have …

Emanata: Cartoonists, Moment By Moment

There’s a little trend in comics blogs that’s turned up over the past few months: Tumblrs devoted to a specific creator’s work, reprinting a single panel or a single page at a time, out of their original context. A Moment of Moore, one of the more prominent ones, is dedicated to Alan Moore’s work. Whoever’s maintaining it has been …

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