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Old School Meets New Technology: Digital Innovation for the Jukebox

Since the 1920s, young people everywhere have been dropping coins into music machines, giving them the power to select the tunes that will set the mood or get the party started.

The jukebox, in turn, quickly became a cultural symbol of American entertainment, and has managed to endure through the decades. In the ’70s, Sandy and Danny …

Experiential Retail: The Next Technological Revolution?

Technology has undeniably changed the way we communicate, read, play and even how we live, but for the most part, these shifts have focused primarily in the online world. Not anymore.

The latest digital innovations seamlessly bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds, creating user experiences that are interactive, socially …

Robots: The Cure for Loneliness?

Lonely hearts, listen up: German designer Stefan Ulrich has created a robot that he believes could one day replace our societal need for real-life human relationships. Funktionide — a white, shapeless, pillow-like object — was developed using artificial muscle technology, otherwise known as electroactive polymers, which react to …