Evan Narcisse

If you need help and if you can find him, Evan Narcisse is a professional nerd-for-hire. After an awkward adolescence, he’s gone on to write about video games, comic books and pop culture for Essence, AOL, the Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly and Crispy Gamer. Beyond Good & Evil is one of his favorite games ever and he listens to the soundtrack from REZ just about once a week.

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A Cut Above: ‘Fruit Ninja Kinect’ Review

Fruit Ninja Kinect clocked in at 140.11 MB when I downloaded it a few days ago. In terms of file sizes for downloadable games, that’s practically in the featherweight division. It’s barely the size of a DLC pack for many games, but the fun to be had in playing the HD version of the hit iPhone game is very disproportionate to its …

Happy Birthday, Samus! Nintendo’s ‘Metroid’ Turns 25

Metroid came out in Japan 25 years ago. (Yes, that makes us all old. Let that sink in.) A whole generation probably remembers where they were when they found out the shocking truth about the armored bounty hunter starring in Nintendo’s classic.

For me, I was sitting in my next-door neighbors’ basement a few weeks before school …

Buy This Now: ‘Groove Coaster’ Review

I’ve been sitting with Groove Coaster for about a week now, trying to figure out if it’s just really, really good or one of the best iOS games I’ve ever played. The reason this determination has been difficult is because, on the face of it, Groove Coaster‘s a relatively straightforward rhythm game. You know the kind: music plays, colored …

God, Complex: ‘From Dust’ Review

When you’re God, the world is your puzzle.

That’s the main conceit powering From Dust, a game from legendary designer Eric Chahi, best known for his early PC gaming masterpiece Another World. It’s a graphical and aesthetic update to the god game, a genre which saw its greatest popularity more than a decade ago in titles like Populous

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