Evan Narcisse

If you need help and if you can find him, Evan Narcisse is a professional nerd-for-hire. After an awkward adolescence, he’s gone on to write about video games, comic books and pop culture for Essence, AOL, the Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly and Crispy Gamer. Beyond Good & Evil is one of his favorite games ever and he listens to the soundtrack from REZ just about once a week.

Articles from Contributor

Good Mourning to You: ‘Bastion’ Review

Most video games have you trying to forestall disaster. Even the ones set in a post-apocalyptic milieus–like Crysis 2 or Fallout: New Vegas, for example–have you trying to prevent an even more awful end-of-days scenario.

Supergiant Games’ Bastion–the first title in Microsoft’s annual Summer of Arcade promotion–puts players in …

Cat vs. Bat: Hands-on with ‘Batman: Arkham City’

My hands-on time with this year’s Bat-game revealed a few things to me.

The new criminal ghetto in the sequel’s Gotham City is big. Very big. You’ll face off against even more thugs–and more kinds of thugs–in Arkham City. But Batman will have a powered-up set of attacks and gadgets. The combat system features tiers of execution …

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