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If you need help and if you can find him, Evan Narcisse is a professional nerd-for-hire. After an awkward adolescence, he’s gone on to write about video games, comic books and pop culture for Essence, AOL, the Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly and Crispy Gamer. Beyond Good & Evil is one of his favorite games ever and he listens to the soundtrack from REZ just about once a week.

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Good Dog: Hands-On With Dead to Rights: Retribution

What is a scrotality? It’s an achievement you’ll get by tearing off a thug’s testicles with a dog’s teeth. That fatal move, by the way, is called a testi-kill.

These are the reasons you will be playing the upcoming Dead to Rights: Retribution.

Even though this one maintains the lead character of Jack Slate, the upcoming …

Skate 3 Preview, Demo Launching Next Week

Come April 15th, gamers everywhere will be able to get their hands on a sample of the next release in EA’s Skate franchise via a demo that’s hitting Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

In Skate 3, you’ll be playing as a skateboard legend who’s launching your own company and the game’s goal is to sell a million skateboards. …

How the West Was Won: Red Dead Redemption Hands-On

Video game westerns tend to be weird beasts. Games like Call of Juarez or Gun tend to focus on the gunfighting aspects of the cowboy genre, which is a natural fit. But this fixation on shooting winds up making them feel generic, like every other weapon-based combat game dressed up in a ten-galloon hat.

Red Dead Redemption won’t feel …

Sam & Max Bring Episodic Content to iPad

[vodpod id=Video.3376236&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Telltale Entertainment’s looking to live up to its name by bringing back one of gaming’s wackiest tag teams for an all-new series of adventures on the iPad. Sam & Max, best known to gamers for a series of classic LucasArts computer games, will be hitting Apple’s newest portable in …

Two More Members of Infinity Ward Go AWOL

According to Kotaku last night, the development studio responsible for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has apparently seen the exodus of two more members. Lead Designer Todd Alderman and Lead Software Engineer Francesco Gigliotti appear to be no longer working at Infinity Ward, if the screen caps from LinkedIn are accurate. Alderman’s …

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