Graeme McMillan

Born in a crossfire hurricane in the Scotland of the 1970s, Graeme was raised on a diet of comics, Doctor Who and gritty life on the streets just like in Trainspotting. Escaping to the US and life as a writer in 2002, he has written for Time, Wired, Playboy and the Hollywood Reporter, amongst many other places.

Articles from Contributor

Social Media Okayed by the Pope

For all those who have been staying off social media until the Almighty Himself says that it’s O.K., would you settle for the Pope’s approval? Yes, his Holiness has been talking about humanity’s need for connection and how it …

Digital Library Lending Up 130% in 2011

If you build it, they will come. Not just words of wisdom from a Kevin Costner movie anymore, but the experience of libraries across America. They’ve seen a triple-digit jump in the amount of digital lending during the last year …

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