Steven James Snyder

I'm an Assistant Managing Editor at, overseeing digital editorial coverage. When not staring at a computer screen, I'm obsessed with both the worlds of film and television (I was a film critic in a previous life), and the ways in which technology is redefining the realm of visual arts. If you're obsessed with Kubrick, Malick, Aronofsky, Tarsem, Walter White, Cormac McCarthy, Bon Iver, Steve Reich, Jon Stewart and New Zealand, I'm your man. Reach me at

Articles from Contributor

SXSW Interactive: What Comes After the Information Age?

Many panels at this year’s South By Southwest Interactive have revolved around the introduction of something new – new technologies, applications, visions or theories. But one of the most intriguing panels I’ve attended thus far was also one of the least declarative. It was held Saturday afternoon, was dubbed “Time Traveling: …

Let Me In Review: A Requiem For the Bloodsuckers

You’ve either seen Let the Right One In or you haven’t; either way, I’m betting you’ll love Let Me In, the uber-faithful, yet subtly distinctive, U.S. remake. I first saw clips of the movie at Comic-Con where director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) was clearly worried about alleviating concerns that he had taken a subtle, evocative …

Avatar’s Nine New Minutes: The Best 3D of 2010?

Avatar is now officially back in movie theaters – only in 3D, with nine additional minutes of footage to woo all of those loyal fans who were still enamored with the glowing forests of Pandora when the movie was prematurely yanked from the nation’s theaters to make way for Alice in Wonderland in March.

I bought a ticket for the …

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