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On Boggle App, ‘Queer’ Is a Bad Word

When I first downloaded the Boggle app, I was agog over all the unfamiliar words — AAL, AIS, ANE, etc. — the game showed me I could have found in the 16-letter jumbles. But a few hundred rounds later (yes, I’m obsessed), I’m more interested in the words the good people at Hasbro won’t let me play.

FART and CRAP are off …

Pros and Cons of the Internet (as Taught to Students in 1996)

Last weekend, I was at my parents’ house in Connecticut for a family matter. As my sister went through some of the things in her childhood bedroom, she discovered a document from 1996, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. This was apparently part of some high school handout packet; also included among the papers …

Review of the Apple iPhone 4S Camera

Apple is heavily promoting its new improved camera as a primary feature of the iPhone 4S. With a 60% increase in megapixels, a sharper and faster lens, and a newly engineered illumination sensor, the popular technology company is hoping consumers will now turn to the iPhone for their primary photography (and video) needs, as well as …

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