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How to Share a Family Shopping List by Keeping It in the Cloud

If you live with other people, you know the problem: On Wednesday you notice that you’re out of milk, but you’ve forgotten about that by the time your spouse goes shopping on Friday. Or you write a note on that pad on the fridge, but your handwriting is illegible. Or what if the two of you go shopping at different stores and both buy …

How to Organize Your Digital Photos

Summer’s over. You have a lot of happy memories, and many of them are stored digitally as photographs. Organizing those pictures will help you find the ones you want quickly and easily.

Sure, you can easily find all the photos from your Grand Canyon trip, because they’re in a folder called “Grand Canyon.” But can you just as easily …

10 Great iPhone Apps for Foodies

Don’t get me wrong: I hate my iPhone. I only got one after I accidentally left my Droid on a bus. So I’m not coming to you as a wide-eyed enthusiast, the sort who thinks everything that Apple makes is pure gold. I don’t play Angry Birds, I don’t have a set of bejeweled Hello Kitty cases, and every day I think wistfully of the BlackBerry …

The Five Weirdest Pieces from MoMA’s New Tech Exhibit

A website that maps crowd-sourced data in a disaster. A digital character that giggles when you poke his belly. And a device that allows men to menstruate.

Those are just a few of the items that will go on display at Talk To Me, the Museum of Modern Art’s latest tech-focused show in New York City this Sunday. Featuring roughly 200 …

NBC and Facebook to Tag-Team New Hampshire Primary Debate

NBC announced today that Meet the Press will team up with Facebook to host the final GOP primary debate before the New Hampshire primaries.

The event will take place at 9 a.m. ET in the Chubb Theatre at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH, and air live on MSNBC and New England Cable News (NECN). It will also be streamed …

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