The Weezer Interview

In the second of a series of private shows to promote HP’s Beats Audio line, Weezer took a break from tour to rock a soggy and wet Times Square yesterday. The short set was broadcast live from Reuters Studio A to the Nasdaq jumbotron and streamed live thanks to production house Digital Broadcasting Group to HP’s facebook page.

HP’s …

Palm webOS Design Director Heads To Google

This can’t be good. Matias Duarte has left Palm for Google.

The now former senior director of human interface and user experience for Palm was the genius behind webOS’s user interface and his departure does not bode well for new owner HP. Google has confirmed with All Things D that Duarte is joining his former Danger cohort Andy …

They Should Make It: HP Slate Dual Booting Win7 and WebOS

There’s been a lot of hubbub about tablet computing, in general, with most of the criticism for Windows-based tablets stemming from the fact that Windows on a tablet results in an underpowered computing experience with short battery life. So on the flipside of that coin, we’ve got mobile-centric operating systems like Android and

HP Hurricane webOS Tablet Coming In Q3?

Less than two weeks ago, HP announced that it would be acquiring Palm for $1.2 billion and it was then that speculation began to run rampant about a webOS tablet. According to an “insider at HP” the company is already fast-tracking a webOS tablet to launch in the third quarter of this year. Codenamed Hurricane, the webOS tablet is …

HP Announces Updated Envy Series Notebooks

Hewlett Packard has unveiled its updated line of Envy notebooks, with the big draw being the 14-inch Envy 14 priced at just under $1,000. The computer measures an inch thick and weighs 4.4 pounds, which is pretty good for a machine with a 14-inch screen.

It’s actually a 14.5-inch screen for those of you keeping score, and HP is …

HP Supposedly Scraps Windows 7 Tablet Project

TechCrunch is reporting that HP has scrubbed its Windows 7 tablet because a) Windows 7 makes for a horrible tablet OS and b) they’re said to be abandoning Intel-based hardware altogether.

It should come as no surprise, really. Now that HP has picked up Palm, it makes perfect sense to switch gears and focus on webOS. I’ve heard …

HP To Acquire Palm For $1.2 Billion

HP has announced that they will acquire floundering Palm for $1.2 billion at $5.70/share. A steal considering how profitable Palm can be with HP’s distribution channels and cash flow. A press conference is set for 5PM ET, which we’ll be covering live. After rumors that Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein would soon be outed it appears as though he …

Compaq AirLife 100 Android Smartbook Headed To The US?

All these smartbooks that are due to show up this year may very well be what everyone had in mind for netbooks originally. Case in point: the Compaq AirLife 100, which was announced in Spain earlier this year, has now shown up on HP’s US website.

There’s no word on pricing or availability yet, but specs include a customized Android

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