Next Gen Laptops: HP’s 11 Hour Battery, Lenovo’s 10 Second Boot Time

New technology from processor makers Intel and AMD has paved the way for some nice advancements as far as laptop features are concerned. While laptops have generally gotten powerful enough to replace desktop computers for most people, that power has come at the expense of weight, heat and battery life in many instances.

Intel’s …

New Trailer for Harry Potter Shows The Finale is Nigh

We’re getting a little emotional that the first part of the end of Harry Potter is coming. Although November is still far, we didn’t like it when we had to come to the last page of the epic saga… actually, that might be because we thought the epilogue was entirely unnecessary. We’re going to like it less when there’s few new things for …

H.P. Wins Fight With Dell Over 3Par’s Clouds

The fight is over. H.P. Wins. The heated battle between H.P. and Dell over the small storage company 3Par ended with H.P.’s last offer of $33 per share. The two tech giants have been leapfrogging each other with bids for weeks, but H.P. has always been favored due to its larger cash reserves.

This acquisition by H.P. gives the company …

What to Expect From webOS 2.0

When you truly believe in a product, you do whatever it takes to ensure its success. Despite whatever shenanigans are going on around you, you simply keep your head down and keep going. This is what Palm has been doing and today they’ve revealed a few things about to expect from webOS 2.0 with an early preview release for developers. …

3PAR: Why Dell and H.P. Are Fighting Over Clouds

Not since the invention of Tupperware has storage ever been so sexy. A bidding war between Dell and H.P. over the past few days has seen the two tech giants leapfrog each other several times over the small data-storage company 3PAR, with the latest an offer by H.P. of $30 per share, or roughly $1.88 billion.

So why all this …

HP Tablets with Palm Operating System Due ‘Early 2011’

On a company earnings call yesterday, Hewlett Packard’s Todd Bradley made it official that we can expect both Microsoft tablets and webOS (Palm’s mobile operating system) tablets to hit the market.

“You’ll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future, and a webOS-based product in early 2011,” remarked Bradley when asked …

The Daily Dose

Friday, August 6, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Shark Fact Of The Day:

A great white shark named Nicole, after actress and shark lover Nicole Kidman swam from South Africa to Australia and back in under nine months. This 12,400-mile trip set a record as the fastest return migration of any marine …

HP CEO Resigns After Sexual Harrassment Allegation

Mark Hurd has resigned his post as CEO and President of HP after an investigation into a sexual harassment claim by a former contractor. According to the press release issued by HP, Hurd did not violate HP’s sexual harassment policy, but he did violate the company’s Standards of Business Conduct.

Said violations stemmed from …

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