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Blizzard’s New Diablo III Trailer: The Feisty Demon Hunter

Demons beware, the demon hunter is here.

The latest and greatest trailer for Blizzard’s much-anticipated Diablo III was just released featuring a new class: the Demon Hunter.

In the cinematic trailer/gameplay demo she dual-wields crossbows while slaying an endless horde of undead zombies and abominations.

That’s right, I said …

NYT Confirms Verizon iPhone

Dreams do come true.

The New York Times is confirming the rumors of a Verizon iPhone based on an anonymous source directly connected to Apple.

Rumors of a Verizon-Apple collaboration have circulated for years, with the most recent a report by the Wall Street Journal, however, this latest story by the NYT should be the last nail on …

Razer Goes Bungeeing with Mice

Razer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end gaming peripherals, announced today that Ed Larkin, designer and inventor of the original Mouse Bungee, will join their design team. Their new collaboration, the Razer Mouse Bungee is due out worldwide in Q4 2010.

The Mouse Bungee essentially suspends a wired mouse’s cord in …

Civilization V: A Fun Way to Rule the World

Sid Meier has done it again with the latest installment in his popular Civilization computer game franchise. Civilization V (Civ V) does not deviate greatly from the premise of its predecessors – conquer or be conquered – but what makes Civ V so entertaining is how smoothly it plays.

One of the greatest pitfalls for video games is …

SteelSeries Shift: The Swiss Army Knife of Keyboards

If you’ve ever felt the need to fully customize your keyboard, the gaming peripheral company SteelSeries might just have your answer. SteelSeries’ Shift offers gamers the option to completely remap every single key as well as the ability to swap out the physical keyset itself. The concept, originally developed by Ideazon’s Zboard, …

Why Do Web Browsers Matter?

The Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta recently released by Microsoft reintroduces the software giant into the browser wars, but why are browsers worth fighting over when they’re essentially offered as freeware? Of the three major browsers used worldwide, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome, each …

Razer Vespula: The Case for A Good Mouse Pad

Whether you’re rocking a wired ball-mouse or the latest in ergonomic laser gaming mice, one fact remains: your mouse is only as good as the surface it glides on. Most surfaces are not uniform, thus affecting both the physical motion of a mouse glide and the tracking that relays information from mouse to computer. When a millisecond in …

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