Ask Techland: How Should I Replace My Ancient Cell Phone?

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Question: My ancient AT&T cell phone—it has a Cingular logo on it, if that gives you any indication of its age—is rapidly circling the drain. People can’t hear a word I am saying and the battery life is shot. I’ve heard …

Mobile 4G Service Goes Live in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Pittsburgh

High-speed 4G mobile internet from both Sprint and Clear has been flipped on in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Pittsburgh. Sprint is a majority shareholder in Clear, but the two companies offer different service options.

In the Minneapolis area, for instance, Clear offers a $45-per-month home internet plan that includes 6 Mbps download speeds

Samsung Epic 4G Review: Premium Device, Premium Price

The Samsung Epic 4G marks Sprint’s second 4G-capable Android handset and the first one with a slide-out hardware keyboard. The phone features a 4-inch, 800×480 Super AMOLED screen, Android 2.1, rear-facing 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, front-facing VGA camera, 1GHz processor, and 16GB of storage which is expandable to 32GB via …

Ten Quick Impressions of Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G

Sprint’s latest 4G-enabled phone, the Samsung Epic, landed on my doorstep today. I’ll be putting it through its paces for an upcoming review, but here are some initial first impressions. Also, if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to check out for the review, let me know in the comments section.

1. It’s not as big as I …

Sprint Announces Pricing, Availability For Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung’s third Galaxy S Android device in the U.S. will launch August 31. The redubbed Epic 4G for Sprint will cost a whopping $249.99 after a $100 MIR. Sheesh.

Starting tomorrow, Sprint customers can reserve the Epic 4G, “while supplies last.” If you happen to reserve one, you must complete the transaction no later than …

Sprint To Update HTC EVO 4G To Froyo In August

Good news, EVO 4G owners. Sprint has announced that it will be pushing out the Android 2.2 update beginning August 3 (everyone should have it by mid-August). The following new features, include:

• Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth.
• Application Storage on External Memory, giving users more storage room for all their …

Sprint ‘Peel’ FCC Sighting Suggests 3G iPod Touch Case

Well this is interesting. Back in April, Sprint caused a bit of buzz by promoting an iPad case that converted a built-in superfast 4G data connection into a Wi-Fi signal for use with up to five devices. The idea was that you could plop your Wi-Fi iPad into the case and use Sprint’s connection for data on the go.

In reality, it was …

Sprint 4G Service Expands in New York and the West Coast

Sprint has expanded its super fast 4G mobile data service to seven additional markets: Rochester, NY; Syracuse, NY; Merced, California; Visalia, California; Eugene, Oregon; Tri-Cities, Washington; and Yakima, Washington, bringing the grand total of 4G-covered areas to 43.

The list of currently available markets isn’t exactly a who’s who …

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