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Things I Didn’t Know Existed Until Today

I’ve clearly been living under a rock. Here are a few kick-ass things that I found while perusing the Internets this weekend. This may or may not turn into a weekly post and I welcome all of you to share with us what you found this weekend.

I love magazines, books and comics. I know they’re a waste of natural resources and …

Square: Your iPhone Now Takes Credit Cards

Internet darling Kevin Rose and Twitter co-founder/CEO/Chairman Jack Dorsey (among many others) have been toiling away at Square – an iPhone credit card payment app coupled with a peripheral. The self-contained system e-mails receipts, donates a penny from every transaction to your charity of choice and unclutters your wallet of customer …

Roundup Of Apple Tablet Rumors

Again, I’m not keen on posting rumors unless they come from legit sources or outlets. BGR has supposedly been tipped off from an Apple source on the Tablet. Here’s what he/she/it had to say.

• The tablet’s multi-touch gestures are “out of control.”
• It’s powered by an incredibly fast ARM CPU
• It runs on the iPhone

Rusty Wired Series: Want. Want. Want.

Action sports clothing lines have been embedding audio gear into their clothing for years. Fabric controls have become a staple throughout most snowboarding lines as well as built-in headphones, but not much has happened byway of everyday clothes. Or maybe I haven’t been looking around enough.

[vodpod …

The Best of CES 2010

FULL LIST: The Best of CES 2010

As you can imagine it’s hard to cover a conference like CES — the Consumer Electronics Show which wraps up Saturday in Las Vegas — on your own. Actually, it’s impossible. This is the stuff that I consider to be the best of the best (anyone remember that movie with Eric Roberts?) or – at the very …

Plastic Logic Shows Off New Que proReader

From CES:
Plastic Logic is officially in the e-reader game with its new Que proReader.

Its size is similar to the Skiff Reader, but the Que can also access Microsoft Office programs Word, PowerPoint and Excel as well as the usual e-books, magazines and newspapers. Operating off of AT&T’s 3G Network, its 8.5 x 11-in. touchscreen is …

My Touch: The Skinny On Ford’s Big, Fat Driving Distraction

From CES:

Ford unveiled its brand new plan to go-go-gadget your car, complete with a voice-activated dashboard, USB ports, an 8-in. touchscreen and thumb-wheel controls. (Basically, it’s a giant iPhone with wheels.)

The My Ford Touch system will replace the traditional car dashboard with two 4.2-in. color LCD screens that flank …

The Sky Is Falling: Sony Adds SD/microSD Support

Better late than never, I suppose. After 11 years, Sony has finally broken down by adding support for SD/SDHC and microSD/SDHC support in their digital cameras and cell phones, respectively. Welcome to the party, Sony. Look for the following cards later this month.

SF-2N1 2GB SD Class 4 …

Logitech N700: It’s A Fan And Boombox For Your Crotch

I might actually buy this thing.

Logitech’s Speaker Lapdesk N700 (USB powered) has a built-in fan to keep your crotch cool (unlike mine at the moment since I’m in the middle seat in coach on a Delta flight) and embedded speakers (two 2-inch speakers) to get your nether regions jumpin’. Oh, and it has a wide padded base!

Get …

Samsung Gets Physical, Physical With Pair of “World’s First” MP3 Players

I wouldn’t typically waste my time writing about MP3 players, but Samsung’s IceTouch (YP-H1) and MyFit (YP-W1) warrant some attention albeit brief interest. CES wouldn’t be CES if Samsung didn’t announce a gaggle of “world’s firsts” and the IceTouch looks to be the tip of the iceberg. See what I did there?

With a 2-inch …

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