Google Wallet Is Coming. Don’t Be Afraid.

At last, Google has revealed its plans to slowly replace credit cards with cell phones in a new initiative called Google Wallet. The service will allow Nexus S 4G owners to buy stuff by touching their phones to Mastercard PayPass kiosks at participating retailers in select cities. If that sounds scary to you, it shouldn’t. Here’s …

Is This the Beginning of the End for QR?

QR, is already time to say goodbye? We hardly knew you!

If Google’s recent actions are any indicator, then QR codes — those “Quick Read” matrix barcodes you see on websites, products, and posters — might be going the way of the dinosaur. Last week, all QR codes mysteriously vanished from the Google Places Dashboard. Must be a …

Microsoft Said to Offer Mobile Payment System Too

It’s clear that Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind. Reports are saying that the company is jumping on the bandwagon, along with Google and Apple to develop a mobile payment system.

According to Bloomberg sources, the first Windows 7 phones to sport the new devices would be released later this year. It’s an effort to close …

Google Plans to Turn Your Android Phone into an Electronic Wallet

In the future, you better not lose your Android phone. Google is teaming up with MasterCard and Citigroup to turn your Android phone into a portable wallet, allowing you to pay for purchases simply by waving your phone around.

It would basically enable Citigroup credit and debit cardholders to pay for purchases easily using NFC …

Use Your Phone to Pay for That Dress, Courtesy Google

You’re wrapping up dinner at your favorite restaurant, but how do you reply to the maître d’ who hands you the bill and asks “paper, plastic, or semiconductor”?

With your phone, of course, and that’s just what Google’s hoping you’ll do when its new mobile payment service goes live sometime during the next four months, according to

Apple Prepping Pay-By-Phone Chip For New iPhone This Year?

You’ll be hearing a lot more about NFC—near field communication—this year, as more and more cell phone manufacturers add NFC chips to their handsets. It’s basically a way to use your phone at a tap-to-pay credit card machine used by various retail stores. You may already have tap-to-pay built into one or more of your debit or credit …

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