Redbox Is Raising Prices (by 20 Cents)

Renting a Redbox DVD will require a little more loose change starting Monday, when parent company Coinstar raises prices by 20 cents per disc.

DVD rentals from Redbox’s ubiquitous kiosks currently cost $1 per night. Coinstar says it’s raising the price to $1.20 per night in response to higher debit card interchange rates, GigaOM

Netflix Was Right, and We’re Being Fickle

No doubt many see this Netflix debacle, in which the company admits it just lost 800,000 subscribers in its fiscal third quarter, as vindication. They balked when the company hiked its price a few bucks a month, and they absolutely howled when Netflix tried to separate DVD rentals and online streaming into two discrete services. The …

Skype Founder Unveils Netflix Competitor

Watch out, Netflix: There’s a new player in the online video space, with the kind of past history that should probably make you a little nervous. Introducing VDIO, the new streaming video-on-demand service from the people who brought you Skype. And Napster. And Apache. You’ll find some Microsoft veterans in there, too.


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