If You Can’t Go To Space, Send Your Photos

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Even if we save up all our paychecks, we’re not going to get to space any time soon. It’s going to cost us $200,000 a pop to reach the final frontier, and upwards from that if we want to be a moon walker or say hi the arsenic-based aliens. Since you can’t go yourself, why not send a (digital) picture of yourself or your loved one?

For $4.95, you can send one of your favorite photos on board the Falcon 9 via Photos To Space program. The flight is going to be launched on April 12, 2011, so you have time to pick out your favorite Facebook profile photo. Okay, so it does seem like a waste of money especially since for all you know this company could be keeping your photo locked in a flash drive in a basement somewhere while someone is gleefully throwing $5 bills in the air, but you get a certificate and a launch image from trip. The only thing cooler that this – well besides actually going to space for $5 – would be to get a picture of your picture in space, but that would be asking for too much.

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