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TechFast: IE9 Launch Success, Asus Rumors, Iran in Space

Good morning, here’s a quick round-up of some of the interesting stuff that’s been going on overnight.

IE9: 27 downloads per second

Microsoft proudly declared the new browser, IE9, a success with the initial figures for downloads from its website. In the first 24 hours, there were 2.3 million of them, or 27 every second. More on

Google Buys Video Tech Company, Plans YouTube Upgrade

Google has purchased Green Parrot, an Irish video technology company whose software can do amazing things with moving pictures.

Just take a look at the example video above to see what we mean. The shaky, juddering original footage is smoothed out into something much more pleasant to watch. And that’s just one of Green Parrot’s …

Hidden Message Found In Samsung Tablet

If you’ve never heard of “silicon art” before, prepare to be amazed.

In short, it is the practise of carving microscopic works of art on to the tiny circuit boards that sit inside the gadgets we use every day.

The people who design those boards have to work with the teeny and the tiny every day. And just like anyone else, they want

TechFast: Peak Animation, HP in the Cloud, Costly Chips

Good morning! Want some tech headlines to chew on while you sip your coffee? You got it.

Have we reached peak animation?

Disney’s latest computer animated spectacular Mars Needs Moms has been spectacular in only one respect: the way it has flopped at the box office. Now, according to the New York Times, questions are being asked. …

Blogger Regains Its Cool

Remember Blogger? Of course you do. But do you still use it, or did you start using WordPress or Tumblr years ago?

Blogger is one of the oldest names on the blogging block, but hasn’t had a lot of love from its owners for a long time. Aside from a gorgeous and easy-to-use template design tool launched last year, its user interface

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