Jared Newman

From his remote outpost in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jared blogs for Time, TechHive and PC World.

Articles from Contributor

Amazon CEO Teases Tablet Plans

Jeff Bezos is toying with our emotions.

Speaking to Consumer Reports, the Amazon Chief Executive delicately suggested that there’s a tablet in the works. “Stay tuned,” Bezos said when asked directly whether Amazon is making a tablet.

But don’t call it a Kindle killer. Should Amazon launch a tablet, Bezos said, it would be …

ViewSonic ViewPad 7x Starts the 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet Party

Time for a confession: After more than a year of owning an iPad, I’ve started to look at 10-inch tablets with a bit of disdain. Sure, they’re great for video, and they allow for innovative big-screen apps,  but they can be uncomfortable to hold and a pain to type on.

So in my endless search for a 7-inch alternative, ViewSonic’s …

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