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The Techland Show: Wii Suck Edition

As Peter and Lev were both out this week, Steve and I took over The Techland Show. (Muhahaha.)

Given free reign of the couch meant that the game of the week was also under our control. So what else could two non-gamers do when forced to pick up a controller, but seek out the nearest bit of comfy nostalgia? Plus let’s face it, Super

Sundance: 3 Skiers, 1 Broken Chairlift, 2 Terrifying Hours

Part macabre horror film and part cruel logic puzzle, it’s the simplicity of the premise that makes Frozen so haunting.

Rarely has a movie been so easy to explain: Two best friends, and one girlfriend, are on a chairlift headed up to 10,000 feet late one Sunday night when the ski resort shuts down the ride. They’re closing early …

Panel of the Week – 1/27/10

Hoo boy, what a haul this week! I dropped more coin on Wednesday than I have in a long, long time. And for my considerable dollars I got some great shots for Panel of the Week. Kick-Ass finally lived up to his name. Marvel wrapped up the longest labor in history with Cap Reborn. Green Lantern did his best Zool impression. Parasite …

A Simple Way to Scan Your Photos

Scanning things isn’t exactly rocket science but if you’ve ever owned a scanner, I bet you’ve had friends and family members drop off stacks of old photos for you to “just scan real quick!”

And if you really got down to the heart of the matter, you might find that the reason regular people don’t scan their own photos is either pure …

Wait, That’s A Comic? The Adventures You Never Needed to See

Mother Teresa? Yeah, she was a hero. Prince? He seems more suited for fiction, anyway.

Billy Ray Cyrus? …

There is no ounce of perspective I can offer as to why Billy Ray Cyrus the comic ever seemed like even a moderately good idea. (Let me know if you have a hunch.)

In a world that will soon feature some other pretty …

Thanks For Spilling The Beans On The Apple Tablet, McGraw-Hill

Way to take all the fun out of the Apple event, McGraw-Hill. Thanks. Really. Jump to the 2:50 minute mark.

“Yeah, Very exciting. Yes, they’ll make their announcement tomorrow on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite a while. And the Tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it will be transferable.

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